The LED Takeover

Over the past decade the LED has become the superior artificial light source. It has disrupted many sectors and has taken over in nearly all fields of lighting.

What qualifies the LED for so many lighting tasks, are its technical and physical abilities:

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The Vihor 2 From Buck – Next Generation Public Lighting

The company BUCK was founded in Belgrade in 1992. Ever since their first days, BUCK has been oriented towards high-quality illumination along with application and promotion of good design through all the aspects of their work.

The Vihor 2 is a stylish and economical public lighting luminaire. It is equipped with high energy efficient LED modules. With its strong energy saving capabilities, the Vihor 2 will facilitate a fast return on investment.

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Lighting Up The Pharmaceutical Sector

The Pharmaceutical sector often requires very precise and specific lighting solutions for laboratories and clean rooms. The work carried out in these environments is exact and critical, often with the need for climate control in the clean rooms and laboratories. Therefore the lighting needs to be meticulously chosen and fitted with pinpoint precision for its specific purpose. Dlight has a wealth of experience working in this sector and given that we are an engineering-led lighting company we will have a solution for every application. Continue reading…