Axolight at Euroluce 2019

Axolight is an Italian lighting company based in Venezia, Italy and Danbury, USA. Axolight designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes high-end decorative lamps with creativity, technical know-how, craftsmanship and passion.

The company has developed a collection of over 50 models, using more than 12 different materials and collaborating with over ten world-renowned design studios. Their products range from small table lamps to the giant suspension lamps, all of which add an original, yet lively touch to any type of space.

The team at Dlight visited the Axolight stand at Euroluce to witness new collections; Cloudy, Cut, Manto, Kwic and the previously released Liaison and Jewel, and we were not disappointed…

Axolight's stand at euroluce

Axolight presented these spectacular new collections at Euroluce in a wonderful fashion, with its new exhibition pavilion created in collaboration with SID – Scuola Italiana Design (Italian Design School), part of the GALILEO Visionary District – Padua Science and Technology Park.

The final layout proposed by the Italian Design School includes a white structure with black bands that creates an optical effect, also reproduced by the entrances in the three different areas in the shape of increasingly smaller concentric circles.

Axolight display new lights at lighting event

What new products were presented at Euroluce?


Designed by Dima Loginoff, Cloudy is a true luminous sculpture that dominates the space with its strong presence and diffuses a soft and cosy light.

Cloudy suspension light

Five spherical elements of different dimensions wrapped in a semi-transparent elastic fabric, form Cloudy, a daydream with strong evocative power.

Cloudy is the result of an accurate study of the combination of volumes and homogeneous light diffusion, in order to obtain a balanced ensemble, playing with an asymmetrical arrangement of its parts.


Cut is the result of a long design process between Axolight and Timo Ripatti, aimed at the design of an adjustable lamp, that can be positioned on three points and never dazzle.

Cut pendants at restaurant

The Cut family offers adjustability through its table, floor and suspension version – all members of this collection stand out for their refined and unique design.

The laser-cut aluminium structure, folded in several points, connects two elements: the light source embedded in circular metal support and a semi-transparent diffuser disk embedded in a ring.

The two elements face each other so that the light emitted by the light source is filtered and partially reflected by the screen.


Manto – designed by Davide Besozzi – is a collection of suspension lamps, available in three sizes.

Manto pendants with sea green background

An opaline white blown glass sphere contains a LED light source and is supported by a telescopic arm, which can move the diffuser in different positions: leaving it suspended at a distance or immerses into the fabric. In turn, the cylindrical body through steel tie rods supports a white stretch fabric laid on a metal ring in a horizontal position. The shape of the lamp and the light diffusion varies with the diffuser position.

With its discreet elegance, Manto can be used to characterize spaces of any size, being installed as a single fixture or in multiple compositions.


Kwic is a family of floor, suspension, ceiling & wall lamps designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen.

A semi-spherical blown glass diffuser contains the integrated LED light source and overlaps in a decentralized position – with a circular painted aluminium disk, available in three different colours.

The Kwic lamps bring into space an intense light, which radiates from the opaline white diffuser, and a delicate glow that filters through the back of the frame.

Kwic has a versatile personality: it conforms to multiple contexts and living styles. Depending on the location it can be a discrete presence or become a point of attraction in space.

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