DelightFULL revives the golden rock era with Lenny Kravitz inspiration

The lighting design brand from Porto is known by its creations which are often associated with musicians. But this time around DelightFULL has outdone all of the expectations. It is time to revive the Golden Rock Era with a Suspension Lamp inspired by the great Lenny Kravitz.

Inspired in part by the big afro hairstyles that popularized the 60’s, Kravitz Suspension is also a tribute to the bold, multiple award-winning rock star, Lenny Kravitz. A series of tubes in a circular pattern trimmed to be shaped like a ball make this a funky modern-looking centrepiece to hang over a great table or decorate the centre of a room. An exclusive piece you can only fall in love with.

Fly Away to the Milky Way or even Mars

The tunes to the 1999 hit single of Lenny Kravitz are unforgettable, so is this unusual piece by DelightFULL. The Kravitz Suspension Lamp was introduced for the first time at iSaloni 2015.

The piece DelightFULL choose for the presentation gave not much light, but once the clients saw the prototype with the small rearrangements to the tubes to let more light shine through they love it. Hmm…and what would Lenny Kravitz think?

Kravitz Suspension Lamp is another rich addition to DelightFULL’s core Heritage Collection. Heritage is a collection of retro-inspired lamps based in the most iconic creations of the 40’s and 50’s. The designers have used Jazz music as a reference and an inspiration to create the most beautiful lighting design.

Heritage has almost 90 pieces of lighting within its collection and it’s growing. The range of it is complete by the Suspension, Floor, Table and Wall lighting, as well as exquisite lamps design ready for an outdoors, use like the Galliano Wall Lamp and the Coltrane Wall Lamp which was and still is one of the best seller pieces of DelightFULL.

Like every DelightFULL piece, Kravitz strives for greatness. Like its predecessor, there will surely be a “before” and “after” in any kind of interiors.