Kreon Audio Systems

Next to sight, hearing is one our most valuable senses, sharing the same emotions and both reinforcing the way we perceive the world around us. kreon offers a complete range of integrated compact speakers that follow the same design language of the kreon lighting fixtures and in some cases even allow the combination of both light and sound into one architectural unit.

This makes it possible to fully integrate the sound plan into the light plan merging both into a harmonious yet minimalist architectural expression. kreon audio can be applied as a single unit or as an acoustic component of a linear lighting system.<!—>

We at Dlight are the sole Irish Distributor of the Kreon line. If you have any queries about the different options that they offer feel free to contact us here.


Create multiple schemes for different rooms

The remote digital DIN rail amplifiers allow a centralised custom programming of the complete audio system. Connect directly or wireless to any audio source, such as a smartphone, tablet, CD player, TV, computer, or a home automation system.

Depending on the size of the room and the characteristics of the speakers, a subwoofer may be required for additional clarity and power.

Kreon Speakers are configurable to any space you need to cater for. Because of the fact that the Kreon Subwoofers are shallow and only 3mm thick, they can be easily hidden in cupboard plinths, under beds and even sofas.


kreon audio configurator

Choose your speaker

The kreon speakers are miniaturized high-quality passive audio components. Carefully position your speakers according to your space and the desired sound experience.

Add a subwoofer when needed

Depending on the size of your room and the characteristics of your speakers, a subwoofer may be required for additional clarity and power. The shallow kreon subwoofers are made of 3 mm steel sheets and measure 560 x 190 x 110 mm only. Thanks to their flat design and their narrow output, they are easily hidable in cupboards plinths, under beds and sofas. For very small rooms and low level expects, module 120 and Ceiling Solution speaker can be converted as mini-subwoofers.

Associate the amplifier

Power your speakers and subwoofers through simple speaker cables with the Kreon din-rail amplifiers. These highly miniaturized digital amplifiers allow you to connect any audio source and let you perfectly optimize your speakers with their digital signal processor (DSP). Simply chose the preset corresponding to your kreon speaker, and the amplifier will automatically compensate their frequency response. Each audio room is fitted with an amplifier er, allowing independent listening. Depending on the number of speakers to power, choose between the minikreamp and the kreamp. For home cinema, simply wire the kreon speakers to a standard home-cinema amplifier

Add the optional BT Connect module

If you need local connection by jack or Bluetooth, just add the Bluetooth Connect module. Easy to integrate into its standard 80x80mm switch format, simply wire it to the amplifier by an RJ45 cable (up to 100m).

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