Meet the Kombic Family

The Lamp Kombic Family is a very comprehensive downlight range and it has become even more comprehensive with the additions of the Kombic 100 and Kombic 150. 

Lamp Kombic Luminaires

This versatile range will suit many types of applications including commercial, retail and hospitality to name a few. Not only is this family versatile from a technical perspective, but also from an aesthetic perspective with options of circular or square designs and finishes for the majority of fittings in the Kombic range.

Kombic Opal models are well-suited to applications that require good light distribution and high energy efficiency (>100 lm/W). The Kombic series also allows for the inclusion of different technologies such as Dynamic White and Multispectral technology for an optimal circadian response. In addition to this, the Kombic range can work with most control systems, but also provides the end-user with the ability to control your lighting via Bluetooth technology. Lamp provides an abundance of standardised options, but we can work with them to create a bespoke solution to suit your project requirements. It is also great to learn that this family is designed to be completely separable and recyclable at the end of their life.

The range also offers high visual comfort through the reduced glare, making it an ideal solution for workplaces or retail environments where glare has become a common problem in recent years. Inappropriate luminaires cause excessive brightness to be bounced off reflective surfaces, such as computer screens and whiteboards. This can cause disruption for those working within the environment and as a rule of thumb, we usually recommend the following Unified Glare Rating, UGR ≤ 16 for boardrooms and meeting rooms and UGR ≤ 19 for offices and commercial spaces. 

From a retail lighting point of view, the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is an extremely important factor when selecting luminaires. Light sources with a CRI of 85 – 90 are considered to be very effective at rendering colour. This is particularly important for clothing/retail outlets as lower CRI can give us a different perception of the colour – for e.g. white clothes may look to be beige.

The recessed fittings are made from injected polycarbonate, with metallized reflectors and white exterior frames. The Interior diffuser is made of opal polycarbonate that is designed for LED lighting, and die-cast aluminium dissipator for thermal management and last but not least an easy-fit fastening system for the installer. The Surface downlights use the same materials and technology as the recessed fittings with the addition of injected polycarbonate that performs the function of the metallized reflector. The surface and suspended fittings are available in a white or black finish, but we can also work with your specified Ral colour to meet your project needs.

Dlight have supplied Kombic fittings on a number of projects including this Life Science Office project and Insomnia Coffee Shops throughout Ireland.

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