Smart Lighting is Here

Smart lighting is a relatively new concept, designed for energy efficiency. However, it also has many other added benefits such as becoming an amazingly simple way of allowing you to control the mood and ambience of your home via remote control or app. It is only in recent years that this new form of technology has become accessible and cost-friendly for the everyday domestic customer to use in their homes.
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The Stua Costura sofa collection

Costura sofa collection is a Jon Gasca design for STUA.

Costura sofa refers to the noble tradition of tailoring that has guided the design process. In San Sebastián, home of renown fashion designers like Balenciaga, small ateliers have dressed citizens over decades with impeccably tailored suits and dresses.

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Waterford Public Realm

The creation of a rejuvenated ‘public realm’ in the ‘outer’ city centre, encompassing the Apple Market at one end and O’Connell Street is seen as a natural extension of the works initialised in the Viking Triangle. The aspiration is to create an open and sustainable public realm using high-quality materials in a simple and straightforward way.

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