Dlight to light up Twitter HQ

DLIGHT have been successful in winning the lighting project for Twitter HQ Dublin. Lightnet will be the Brand we will be delivering to site, our partnership with Lightnet brings yet another leading market leader in Social Media to work with DLIGHT.

In 2015 DLIGHT completed full Lighting Design & Supply to Yahoo European HQ Dublin.

& Tradition…the beauty of Scandic design where craft meets art

Embrace the beauty of Scandic style with a contemporary furniture piece from Danish design icons, &Tradition.

&Tradition is a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation.

&Tradition offers a unique library of furniture and lighting which spans from the 1930´s to the present day and includes designs by internationally renowned designers.

Introduction to Il Fanale

Founded in 1979 in San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso, Il Fanale creates lamps with a strong evocative and expressive potential, artworks with a long-time spirit, pieces that combine sublime craftsmanship with the latest lighting techniques.

Every lamp of Il Fanale is a masterpiece of skill and art: exclusive production and a scientific approach guarantee the application of cutting-edge lighting techniques to unique handmade pieces good for different spaces, in a country or antique background or as historical mentions in contemporary locations.

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Magic Circus’s Chandelier a mastery of brass and glass

Magic circus presents a lighting collection designed to create magical interiors. this original range created in 2015 has been developed out of the personal preferences and tastes of company founder Marie-Lise Fery, art school graduate turned iconoclastic antique dealer. her experience as a dealer has given her the opportunity to develop her own eye for style, expand her client base, create daring contrasts and test her room presentation and decoration skills in a series of projects.

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Mambo Unlimited Ideas deliver fresh Ideas from Portugal

Mambo Unlimited Ideas loves a challenge! It is with curiosity and a sense of adventure that Mambo Unlimited Ideas accepts new projects. Through creativity and design, inspired by Portuguese artisan heritage, we create new languages in our products. Quality, originality and passion, bring our products into form in our workshops, where every piece is carefully handmade. With our own line of carpets, furniture and lighting, we are able to offer adequate and almost unlimited solutions to every client.