Waterford Fire Station


Waterford Fire Station is the emergency response centre which serves an important 24-hour public emergency function in the South-East of Ireland. The structure is housed in a dramatic concrete and zinc shape built around a courtyard- a unique contemporary architecture folded and shaped like a piece of origami.

The building has achieved success with many design awards for its overall function of providing entrance and exit for firefighting, river rescue and car crashes. While also having state-of-the-art training zones and a public consultation area.

Shaped by the active service it delivers where the function is utmost importance, the building form is derived from the tracking movements of the firefighters leaving their bays at speed and returning after firefighting duties.

The fire station operates like a large family, with tough training designed to foster lasting bonds of mutual support essential for hazardous firefighting conditions. Dlight was tasked with creating a family-like atmosphere while also complementing the industrial feel often characterised by fire stations worldwide. The Station has been thought of like a large house, with people coming and going at different hours. A series of linked spaces conducive to family life are assembled, facilitating everything from training and studying to communal recreation.

Lighting products used in this project included:

Lightnet Basic A-1

Lightnet Matrix P6

Project Details
ClientWaterford County Council