Waterford Public Realm – The Apple Market

The Apple Market, Waterford City

The idea behind the new Apple Market area in Waterford City was to create an open and sustainable public realm using only high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Dlight was tasked with providing high quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly public lighting fixtures for the entire area. The Dlight team have specified high-quality Proled LED tape for around the edge of the structure’s roof and highly efficient Buck fittings for the street lighting.

The Apple Market covering consists of a reflective canopy ceiling over the central triangular area with higher glazed coverings to the edges and over John Street to provide sheltered seating areas on the three sides of this triangular ‘square’. Also repaving and resurfacing of the street surfaces as well as the provision of new street lighting, street furniture and in some cases, public art pieces.

When considering the requirements for covering the Apple Market area the primary design concerns were; ensuring protection from the elements while maintaining adequate levels of natural light and ventilation; respecting the scale of the space, particularly the facade height lines; having an open, uncluttered market area with as little structure as possible meeting the ground plane; allowing sufficient distance between the canopy and the surrounding structures to allow for their maintenance, and providing an exciting and dynamic space for the public and for visitors while redefining the identity of the space.

The Waterford Realm is an ongoing project that Dlight Concepts are proud to be working on as this is a fantastic development for the City of Waterford and a great revival of Ireland’s oldest city.

Project Details
ClientWaterford County Council
AddressThe Apple Market, Waterford City