Smarter Lighting for the Healthcare Sector

Ever Since Dlight was founded we have always sought to stand out for our excellence in customer care, good service, fine quality and innovation.

From the beginning back in 2007, we have always looked at the latest technological advancements and sustainable solutions to offer our clients.

Dlight will always offer the best in quality products that will improve people’s well-being and health.  Over the past 10 years, we have worked on many of the major regional hospitals in Ireland and in other areas of the healthcare sector. It is of the utmost importance to increase the comfort and the state of mind of the patients to encourage their health recovery.

Not only will good suitable lighting improve patient’s recovery but it will also enhance the performance of the healthcare professionals, and ensure faster and more efficient visual explorations.

We achieve these types of lighting solutions by always offering options that have:

  1. Low glare.
  2. Light tonality that respects people’s circadian rhythms.
  3. Good white light tonality.
  4. High chromatic reproduction index.
  5. High-performance optical systems that produce optimal horizontal and vertical illuminance, to improve visual acuity.