STUA – Timeless Furniture

STUA is a designer furniture manufacturer based in Spain; their offerings include sleek, contemporary chairs, tables, stools, storage, lounge and outdoor furniture. Many of the STUA collections are suitable for commercial environments, boasting timeless design with a high level of attention to detail that suits the needs of many modern-day office spaces.

There is a fresh spirit to the work of STUA, but its character is grounded firmly in the principles of classic modern design, that of simplicity and timelessness. STUA’s goal is to create collections that will make you feel comfortable both at home and at work, and they certainly achieve this. Their designs are original, clean and innovative, where functionality, aesthetics and beauty come together to bring you long-lasting furniture.

The STUA designs combine fluidly as they exhale a common spirit of warm modernity. Some of our favourite designs from Stua include collections like Costura, Solapa, Eclipse, Onda, Gas and Satellite to name a few…

Stua Costura

Stua Costura Sofa for commercial spaces

The Stua Costura Sofa Collection was designed by Jon Gasca, whose designs are contemporary and most definitely timeless in our eyes. The name Costura refers to the noble tradition of tailoring that has guided the design process. This beautiful sofa collection was designed to emphasise the seating area and minimise the arms and frame space.

Stua Solapa

Solapa table

Following on from the beautiful design of the Costura Collection is another timeless design from Jon Gasca – Stua Solapa. So what’s it all about? Solapa is a collection of sofa/coffee tables with a classic silhouette, but new singular proportions. The two different heights allow the tabletops to overlap and this is where the Spanish name comes from. There are two main innovations here, Fenix – a super opaque nanotech material that offers low light reflectivity and anti-fingerprint/scratch technology. Legs – the legs of Costura are made of injection polypropylene compound with fibreglass in white or black. Each leg includes a plastic stopper for smooth contact with the floor.


Stua Eclipse coffee tables for commercial spaces

Inspired by organic shapes found in nature, Eclipse is composed of four tables of different shapes, sizes and heights. The smaller tables can be concealed under the larger ones and effectively disappear, just like a natural eclipse.


Stua Onda stool for commercial applications

A design from Jesús Gasca, the founder and principal designer of STUA. The Onda stool mimics the curves of the human body. Onda is an ergonomic stool with a curved revolving seat that hugs the user like a glove, providing excellent lumbar support. Overall, Onda is a refined and timeless design.

Gas Chair

Gas Swivel by John gasca

The Gas chair by Jesús Gasca is an expression of all of his creative experience. Gas is an elegant collection, unique due to its fluid aluminium frame and curves. The curves of the backrest hug your body, giving extraordinary comfort for carrying out office-based tasks. There are four types of Stua Gas chairs…

– the four-legged side-chair.

– the four-legged armchair.

– the star-based, self-return chair.

– the star-based swivel

All are marvellous designs, but we highly recommend the Gas swivel due to its aesthetics, comfort and mobility.

Satellite Acoustic Panels

Satellite Acoustic Panels Ireland

Noisy workspace? The Satellite acoustic panel system was created with the aim of absorbing noise. They are also a great design feature, sharing the same organic shapes as the Eclipse tables. The panels are available in four different sizes and two different depths, in order for them to overlap and giving you the added ability to be creative on installation.

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