Lukasz Gorzel

Top Three Lighting Choices:

Galileo Pendant Light from Globen

Here Comes the Sun Pendant Light

Fiorellina Table Lamp

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Inspiration:World around me, family, friends, films, music.
Getting out of bed:Usually not my decision… but coffee helps.
Luck or hard work:Luck is with those who work hard.
Life:You have one, do your best and enjoy it.
Looking back:Is pointless, focus on what’s coming and work to make it happen.
Chillin’:Free time? What’s that? Is it any good?
Movies/Music:Finding Forrester / Hip Hop
Food:Mix of Italian and Spanish cuisine.
Favourite location/City:Anywhere in the world as long as it’s sunny and there is a beach will do me / Barcelona.
Dinner/Restaurant:CDLC Restaurant - Barcelona.
Other Life:Family life – keeps me busy / Golf.