Michael Costello

Joined dlight in 2012 to “fix a few lights” and never looked back, with a varied electrical background helped in adjusting to the fast-paced lighting industry, with a brief hiatus while I relocated to London for a few years with the support of Shane Crowley and the team at dlight, I ventured into the centre of the lighting design world and honoured to have worked with some of the best lighting designers supporting them from the manufacturing side of things to ensure their vision for each project could be materialised to its fullest. After enjoying my time in London, I rejoined the dlight team in November 2020 to restart an old adventure!

Top Light Choices: Vibia Wireflow, Grok Shoemaker and Ledmotive Light Engine.

Inspiration : Anyone willing to go the extra yard
Getting out of bed: Coffee drop of milk please
Luck or hard work: Hard work creates its own luck
Life: Getting used to the slow paced life, in Ireland after 6 years in London
Looking back: You can’t change what has happened, only what happens next
Chillin’: Tall Stool and the Six Nations on the box
Favourites: Movies - Happy Gilmore, Music Robin Hood OCS, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, Gomez
Food: BBQ
Favourite Location/City: Garus Beach with the dog
Dinner/Restaurant: Cervesería Catalana Barcelona
Other Life: Building walls and digging ditches