Shane Crowley

I have had the pleasure of designing lighting projects for more than 10 years.  During this time I’ve been fortunate enough to design in a wide variety of Libraries, Hospitals, Office Fit-out, from small community hospitals to major regional hospitals throughout Ireland. Contact Me or Connect on LinkedIn.

Inspiration:Willie Williams, who has worked on every U2 Tour.
Getting out of bed:It has to be done, Life is great.
Luck or hard work:Hard Work
Life:Married to the best team, Wife, Kids, Family, Colleagues. They all make it happen.
Looking back:Should have started it 10 years before I regrets though. (DLight)
Chillin':Throwing stones at the Guillamene into the sea with my boys........then to the garden.
Favourites:Movie: Indiana Jones, Music: Interpol, Colour: Blue
Food:Anything Italian
Favourite location/ City:Home/ Venice Book: Richard Branson Bio
Dinner/ Restaurant:Long grain Restaurant Melbourne/ Gaddis @ The Penninsula Hong Kong
Other Life:Product Designer